Religion vs. Jesus

Dear Leiana,

There is a big movement in the Christian culture now to move away from traditional religious Christianity. This has been something i really want to get across to you. I want you to understand that as a follower of Jesus, we are not under a rule-system that if we follow it, it makes us good enough to get into heaven. We are not under the law. Jesus came to fulfill the law.

God knew from the beginning that we would NEVER be able to keep the commandments. Jesus affirmed that when he said that (not quoting) if we look at another with lustful eyes, we are committing adultery, that if we are angry with our brother that we are committing murder. We will never be able to fully keep the greatest commandments to Love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, and minds and love our neighbor as ourselves. No matter how much we try to do good, we can never be good apart from Jesus. Even our good works are filthy rags to God. Even with our best intentions, without Jesus to cover our sins, we will never be able to earn our way to heaven. The problem with trying to earn our way to Heaven is this, without Jesus to cover us, any good we do is nothing compared to the bad we do. Our good works without Christ don’t even come close to covering our sins. That is not the point anyways… some people will say that “As long as I do more good deeds than bad, then God will be happy with that and let me into heaven.” This is not at all biblical or possible under the law. The only way, even in the Old Testament times, to cover sins is by a blood sacrifice. The only thing that can cover our sins is for the blood of an innocent to be sacrificed, similar to the sacrifice of Aslan on Narnia. God created it that way, this point is testified to through the entire Bible. Jesus became our blood sacrifice ultimately. The sacrifices before Jesus came were just a temporary covering until the Messiah was revealed. The law was given to prove to mankind that we are unable to keep the law. Without Jesus, there is NO other way to God. Not by our good works, not even by people not knowing or hearing. As I read in the book Radical the other day, all people know that there is a Creator (whether they deny it or not), all people reject him. If we say that people who have never heard of Jesus get a free pass to heaven then the worst thing we could do for those people is to fulfill Christs commandment to Preach the Gospel and make disciples of every nation. If they hear about Him then they will have an opportunity to reject Him but we have already rejected God.

What I pray for you is to fulfill His commandment to make disciples of every nation, to follow Christ to the ends of the earth and preach the good news to the nations. I want you to passionately know Christ, and not just be a “Christian.” I don’t want you just to “be good.” I don’t want you to focus on what you can do and earn and how you can be a better person or even American. I want you to not care about stuff but Love God and Love People above all else. And please Lord, help me to raise this young girl to know and trust you.