Literal Leiana

You have become seriously hilarious to listen to.  Rebecca, your babysitter, gave you a “pirate braid” play extension to put in your hair and when we went to the dining hall you kept telling people that it was just for pretend that you aren’t a real pirate.

You listen to everything oh too well also.  Yesterday when we went to Oside pier to meet up with Kristina and Liz, Liz and I were talking about working out and Liz mentioned that she runs up and down stairs for a workout.  well, next thing we know, you are running over to the stairs and running up and down them.  You told me later that you wanted to work out to be strong.  We talked about the reason we work out and eat healthy is to treat our bodies as a temple, that God wants us to take care of our bodies so that we can be healthy enough to help others.

Today when I picked you up from your church class-the four year old room.  one of your teachers told me how sweet you were.  she said that you were just enjoying sitting and reading and that you call her “teacher” and are so polite.  I agree.  It’s pretty amazing how well you soak up the things that we talk about.

This evening right before bedtime you said you were hungry… I, as always, was frusterated and asked, “why are you always hungry right before bed?”  you said honestly, “my tummy just tells me that it wants food!”

Whether you are wearing a princess dress or your cousins Ninja Turtles mask, you have been known to tell people things like, “I’m not really a ninja, see it’s me.”  Cracks me up!!


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