Dear Lord,
May You God guard the girls’ hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
I feel like we are ruining our children. I hold that stress in my stomach. It’s always tight and uncomfortable. I’m surprised I don’t have physical ailments because of it. I am constantly nervous and worried, Lord. I’m not a fun mom or wife because of it.
Lord, please help me to know and believe that YOU are in control and I’m not. Also help me to live like I believe that ALL things come to the good of those who love you. That you can take mistakes that I’ve made, and continue to make, to bring good to my children just like you have done in my life.
Please bring peace and Love to my family. Being unity between me, my husband, and our two girls and any future kids, if any. Let me give up control and my nervousness to you. I don’t need to be a pleaser. I don’t need to carry and fix every emotion of the family. I am not responsible for everyone’s happiness. And please keep either of the girls from feeling that way, too.
Thank You and amen!!


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