Dear Leiana,
I call you Baby and Babe. I don’t think it’s weird but as you grow up you may wonder why I have done that. See many people think of their significant others as their Babe or Baby. Now daddy has called me many pet names, baby cakes is probably the one most often used but we haven’t made a habit of using babe and baby.
Maybe he would agree with me that when we were dating it just isn’t feel right to call each other baby. Neither one of us are each others babies. We don’t want to treat each other as babies and sure done want to be treated like one.
However, YOU are my baby. My first baby and we have called you and your sister baby from birth almost. So it is completely natural to call you babe also. On my side of the family, nicknames are very common an important. I have many nicknames. In fact, no one called me by my real name until I made friends with the Christian group when I was stationed in Okinawa. It actually took me some getting used to and i had to realize that unlike what I felt and was raised with believing, some people want to respect you by using your full name. But I was raised with believing that only strangers and people who don’t care about you use your real name. People who love you call you a more personal nickname. I realized later that both of you don’t have names that have easy nicknames like some names. So you are my baby, other people may think it’s strange but I’m going to keep calling my ACTUAL baby by that name and keep my husband as my man and my love.
I love you!!
Btw, you befriended an older girl (11) at the park that many kids would be unsure about because she has some special qualities, some people would call disabilities. She was born extremely premature and her dad said that it is a miracle that she is alive. You don’t care about physical appearances or even challenges. All you saw was her heart and the fact that she wanted to be your friend too was all that mattered. You loved her and started calling her your sister. You don’t know how honored I am at how unconcerned you are about things that concern the world. You see people’s hearts. She loved hanging out with you and you reciprocated that love.
Love you,


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