Feeding the Animals

Living here at the ranch is amazing. I love it, and you definitely love it. One day a few weeks ago we went for a walk to the back where the Nature Center is. There they have an owl, chickens, goats, sheep, emus, llamas, peacocks, horses, donkeys, and even a bob cat, oh and some smaller animals and birds. So we were walking around and ran into John, daddy’s friend, who helps take care if the animals. He was about to feed the animals so he asked if you wanted to help. He fed the bobcat cat food… Weird, I know but that’s what he is told to do. But then he had two baby mice under a bowl for the owl. Before I saw them, I thought they were dead, I told him that you would be okay with it. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WAS THINKING! Well, you insisted on seeing them and they were so tiny and cute. You just thought they were the cutest things in the world and started talking baby talk to them. I realized then that I had made a mistake. Luckily we didn’t tell you what they were for and you got distracted by the other animals while I motioned to John that he should just to go ahead and feed the owl while you weren’t looking. So I’m so thankful sometimes that you have the attention span of a fly. This was one of those times.
Later, when we fed the llamas, sheep, and goats, who all live together, John handed you the hay and before he could even tell you what to do you threw it over the tall fence and it landed perfectly in front of the animals. We laughed because you knew exactly hat o do and you are so strong.


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